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Changing times needs trained and more professional security to secure your most precious assets and at Gurkha International Security Co., Ltd. We specialize in protecting assets with highest degree of excellence the focus in our services is not just on service, but on providing a comprehensive solution for the convenience of customers, managing the risk factors associated with it and minimizing them to ensure that the safety of their property, assets and people is always protected.
In Thailand professional security is a synonym to GURKHA International Security Co., Ltd.
GURKHA International Security Co., Ltd. is a standard security company with more than 7 decades of experience in security and law enforcement and our people have been part of the British fighting Army and British Royal guard for almost 202 years, still serving as Singapore Gurkha Police contingent, Brunei King Sultans palace guard & bodyguard, UAE Royal guard, Hong Kong coastal guard during British time and still operating various security duties in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc.
Some of our clients are leading corporations, institutions, retail chains, and celebrities in Thailand & other countries.
Our dedicated team of professionals is our strength and embracing the advancement of technology in our solutions makes us unique among other security providers.
We have an array of solutions for you and your businesses like:

Special Security Operatives