Ship Security Officer (SSO)

Ship Security Officer(SSO) & Maritime Armed Security guard force

Gurkha-Asia Ship Security Officer(SSO) & Maritime Armed Security guard force is one step solution for Implementing and maintaining the ship security plan (SSP) Conducting security inspections at regular intervals of time to ensure that proper security steps are taken and making changes to the ship security plan if need arise.
Typically, a Ship Security Officer undertakes regular security inspections of the ship; ensure that appropriate measures are taken; Supervising the implementation of the Ship Security Plan; Coordinating the security aspects of passengers and/or the handling of cargo and ship’s stores Enhancing security awareness and vigilance.
The role of maritime security guards is to protect crew members onboard ships and workers at docks and ports. Maritime security guards also work onboard cruise ships and private yachts. Maritime security guards are primarily deployed in areas with a high risk of piracy or robbery of vessels.
MSO job is to ensure the security of the ship and the personnel on it.
The MSO will be responsible for vigilance and watch-keeping duties and in case of attack, help repel the attackers and prevent the boarding of the ship by unwanted elements.

The main responsibilities of the Ship Security Officer (SSO) are


Ship Security Plan (SSP) is devoted to Implementation and Maintenance


Properly conduct safety inspections at regular intervals to ensure that appropriate safety measures have taken


Need to change the ship safety plan if necessary


The Disclosure changes to the ship safety plan considering different aspects of the ship


Ship Safety Assessment Assistance (SSA) ensure that the ship crew is fully trained to maintain a high level of safety


Promote safety awareness and caution on board Ships


Guide ship crew teaching ways to improve ship safety


Security Report all safety incidents to the company and the ship master


Taking the views and advice of the company security officer and port facility security officer under consideration while revising the ship safety plan


Assistance Company Security Officer (CSO) to ake various safety measures related to cargo handling, engine room operation, ship shop etc.


To operate all ships with utmost security in coordination with the staff of the ship board and the port authorities


Ensure that ship protection equipment is properly operated, tested, calibrated, and maintained