Personal protection & personal Evasive driver for VVIP

Fire Detection & Fire fighting

Our all guards got training of all measures of fire detecting physical method & mechanical
electronic equipment thoroughly. They know how it works and how to quick react after
emergency siren. We give training about smoke sensor, fire sensor, all types of firefighting
extinguishers, firefighting water supply unit operation method. Also, we train them to keep all
the telephone number of authorities whatever they might need for external help support like
police, Law enforcement, Ambulance & hospital, Fire brigade etc.
All guards were trained thoroughly about how to react on emergency, first aid and firefighting
drill in basic training. They will train all the members who ever live in that building about how
to react on emergency siren like which path they should use which path they should avoid in
emergency and where to go where not to go, how to protect their self how not to be panic
during life threatening emergency situation etc.
Our guards were trained how to use local resources to minimize damage of property.